About Us

Our Story

Handshake Farms was created in November of 2016 by a group of three individuals in order to consolidate our organic dried fruit production. As an all-natural, organic dried fruit and vegetable supplier, Handshake Farms’ has a drying facility located in beautiful La Saladita, Mexico and imports from various regions throughout the country — in partnership with Sunset Tropicales. Beyond our regular operation, we also have the ability to source new ideas in the dried fruit industry, at the request of our customers.

Our Method

HSF is partnered with numerous co-packers/growers throughout Mexico’s central coast areas. We help smaller growers by creating opportunities to produce organic fruit from their farms.  We help with the certification processes and costs associated with becoming a certified organic grower. These farmers benefit from sustainable practices that will be able grow for generations.

We believe in providing job opportunities for single mothers in underdeveloped areas. To help achieve this and other humanitarian goals, we’ve worked closely with Mexico’s economic development agency to create an outlet for organic mango.  Handshake Farms generates development projects and employment opportunities that benefit the local peoples and help improve the economy.

Hungry for More?

Now that you know more about how Hand Shake Farms operates and our impact, let us know how we can help you.