About Us


Our Origin

Established in November 2016, Handshake Farms originated from the collaboration of three individuals aiming to centralize organic dried fruit production. Situated in the picturesque La Saladita, Mexico, our drying facility processes all-natural, organic dried fruits and vegetables sourced from various regions across the country. Apart from our core operations, we remain adaptable, actively seeking innovative ideas within the dried fruit industry in response to customer demands.

Our Approach

At HSF, we foster partnerships with numerous co-packers and growers across Mexico’s central coast regions, empowering smaller growers to cultivate organic fruits sustainably. We facilitate the certification process and absorb associated costs, enabling these farmers to adopt organic practices for future generations. Additionally, we prioritize creating job opportunities, particularly for single mothers in underdeveloped areas, aligning with our commitment to humanitarian efforts.

Our Impact

In collaboration with Mexico’s economic development agency, Handshake Farms spearheads initiatives like organic mango production, generating employment and development projects that enrich local communities and contribute to economic growth.

Hungry for more?

Now that you’ve learned about how Handshake Farms operates and the positive impact we strive to make, we’re excited to hear how we can assist you! Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help – we’re here for you!